It’s All DIY is our sister venue Cafe 1001’s monthly record label and zine fair. The fair exists to bring focus to the underground supporters of the DIY subculture scene, from local record stores, independent record labels, and print magazines which focus on art, music, and subcultures. Whilst our venue is under temporary closure, we wanted to bring It’s All DIY to you – remember, all stores are still up and running online, so please have a look through their sites, and spend the money saved on the pub on some brilliant new zines and records. Enjoy!

So Young Magazine

With a renowned reputation for picking out the best DIY psych rock and punk bands from day one, So Young are one of the best independent magazines to exist in the underground subculture scene. The magazine is illustration based, packed with exclusive interviews as well as an array of stunning and avant-garde artwork from the most exciting upcoming artists and illustrators.

Roadkill Records

Roadkill Records are one of the coolest underground labels, releasing music on vinyl and cassette format, as well as putting events on in East London. Artists that are currently on the label include Projector, After London and Muertos, and previous artists on the label include Gaygirl and Weird Sex. The label run live events around London, putting on gigs and weekender parties as well. Founded by Josh Cooper, the label press vinyl in unique formats, most notably their newer pressings which are made on recycled vinyl format

Flying Vinyl

One of the most unique music services in the country is Flying Vinyl, who exclusively press new artists onto vinyl records, posting five special 7″s out to subscribers on a monthly basis. Flying Vinyl is known for its eclectic mix of indie, synth-pop and punk music, having worked with artists like Black Honey, Calva Louise and Gaffa Tape Sandy in the past. As well as their physical records, Flying Vinyl also put out stunning print magazines for their monthly artist showcase feature, which are packed with beautiful photography, shining a light on some of the UK’s best music photographers

Rough Trade East

Rough Trade East are our beautiful next door neighbours, and are one of those rare stores that you could truly get lost in for hours. They sell records on vinyl, tape and CD format, as well as a vast selection of record players and sound equipment, merch like bags and guitar picks, and an extensive book and magazine selection. As well as this, they also have Rough Trade in-store shows; these vary between live album launch gigs and signings, to album listening parties, to in-store conversations with some of the industry’s biggest names, like Iggy Pop, Robert Plant, The Murder Capital and Pete Doherty in the last year alone

Some Might Say Zine

Some Might Say is one of our favourite grassroots zines in the underground scene. They feature post punk, psych rock and indie music, with a focus on promoting new bands only. Their eclectic and unique format incorporates art, exclusive reviews, and live photography. The zine has a knack for picking out new bands before they break the mainstream industry, with artists like Yonaka, black midi and Fontaines DC amongst the first few bands Some Might Say featured

Speedy Wunderground

This South London based label established in 2013 is known for its impeccable taste in music, previous artists released on the label including black midi, Meatraffle, Squid, Sinead O Brien, and PVA. Tracks are recorded by Dan Carey, and then released as a limited run of 250 7″ vinyl records; these records are incredibly special to own, and always stand out as a rare gem in any collector’s record collection. Most records sell out in very short spaces of time, making them even more valuable