Our fourth instalment of It’s All DIY is once again coming to you online. A virtual showcase of our favourite new labels and magazines as a venue, we hope this showcase can inspire you. It’s All DIY focuses on the wonderful gritty inspired subculture world on the independent music scene, and we have five fabulous new ventures to join our ever expanding list of record labels, DIY stores, and magazines…

Hidden Bay Records

Based in Toulouse France, Hidden Bay Records very much so share our ethos when it comes to subculture inspired music. The DIY label put out music on vinyl and cassette formats. The label has worked with artists like Be Afraid, Meager Benefits, and Nice Apple, a real mix of soothing shoegaze indie and scathing garage punk. A Werkhaus favourite discovery from Hidden Bay’s extensive discography would have to be the Back To The Bog album by The Worms, a very IDLES/ METZ-esque work of art


Hidden Bay release, ‘Remember Fun’ by Be Afraid

Yuck Magazine

A stunning and well balanced mix of art, music and culture, Yuck Magazine may just be the cultural re-set 2020 sorely needs. The magazine mixes cutting edge journalism with illustrations, bringing a visual element to the independent journalism entwined throughout the magazine. Their latest issue (Volume Two) features pieces on some of our favourite artists and labels, the like of Baxter Dury, Speedy Wunderground, and LA Mode. Oh and also, the magazine is published as physical print copies, a lovely bastion is this digital led world

PNKSLM Records 

Abbreviated to PNKSLM which is instantly evocative, Punk Slime Records are a Stockholm based record label who focus on scatty punk, garage, and fuzzy surf rock music. Their website sells vinyl records alongside label merchandise, as well as there ever so endearing mystery bundle. This wacky label essentially began as a London based blog, before evolving into a series of rowdy gigs, and ultimately a music distribution service. The label is now home to artists such as Black Mekon, Thee MVPs and Pine Men, and appropriately so it would appear, were described by Bandcamp as “keeping Sweden weird.” Now that’s something we vibe with

An early, yet no less magnificent release: Stabs, debut EP from HOLY (2015)

Bad Luck Magazine

Bad Luck are an online magazine, who are very visually focused with regards to art and fashion, and evidently very well versed in straight up, good music. What caught our eye about Bad Luck (aside from their ever so aesthetically pleasing Instagram) was the type of artists they feature. They love the swirly psychedelic artists like Temples, 70s Iranian inspired folk/indie artists like PAINT, and artsy rock’n’roll bands like Warmduscher. Put it this way, the eclectic influences behind the magazine are truly immersive, and you can get lost in their website’s interviews and articles for hours on end

Council Records

What we love about Council Records more than anything is that they don’t focus on genre specifically; there are no rules with the music they release. Rather, they have a deep passion for hot new music, and pour everything into promoting amazing new talent. We first become acquainted with Council Records when we put on label favourites Rascalton at one of our favourite gigs to date last September. As well as Rascalton, Council Records also work with Talk Show, The Wants, and moa moa, a pretty divine range of artists if you ask us


Council Records’ The Wants in So Young


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