It’s our fourth online instalment of It’s All DIY, our monthly record label and zine fair which shines a light on the DIY supporters of the subculture scene. It goes without saying that labels and independent publications play a crucial role in the music scene, as they are often the first outlets to promote the best small artists who go on to be huge. Have a look below at our picks for this month…


When life gives you lemons…make Alcopop! is the inherently zesty (pun intended) tagline for independent label Alcopop! Records. Since establishment many moons ago in 2006, the label have a more than impressive roster of artists they’ve put out releases for, the like of TIGERCUB, Gaffa Tape Sandy, & Husky Loops. Their store is a wonderful little goldmine of special exclusive band merch, with artist’s shirts, coloured vinyl and cassette tapes for sale. And of course, in line with the wonderful new music currently being released, Alcopop! will be releasing the upcoming single from scatty ‘wonk-pop’ five piece Home Counties, Dad Bod, out on Wednesday 1st July

Wax Magazine

Wax Music are an independent Bristol based music company, initially founded in live music. They have recently branched into the journalistic sector of the underground scene, creating Wax Magazine, a new DIY print, multi-media publication. We have ordered our copy and are almost too excited to receive it; the debut issue features artists such as Lynx Afrikka, Lazarus Kane, deep tan, & Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. The A5 zine is made up of 80 pages of delightful content, all focused on upcoming music, notably post punk/ synth rock/ new wave artists. For a first issue, Wax looks as if it has every element a good DIY publication needs, and it is a new addition that the subculture underground has long been crying out for

The debut Issue of Wax Magazine

Balley Records

Balley Records is easily the most recently discovered label that we are the most excited by. They only have three artists on their roster, yet these three are three of the most ridiculously exciting: LICE, Heavy Lungs, and Crows. Think IDLES, LIFE, & Peeping Drexels, and that gives you a nice image of the type of music Balley Records put out. Their niche is deafeningly heavy and enticing punk, with grunge and hardcore rock elements naturally twisted in and out. The majority of their 7″ releases are on coloured vinyl, and you can purchase shirts and CDs alongside vinyl editions. The latest EP from Heavy Lungs, Measure, was released via Balley Records last October, and if you’re going to do anything after reading this feature, then PLEASE listen to the EP as it’s pretty fabulous

Lost and Found Magazine

Vivacious post punk, South London-esque rock’n’roll (which has its whole unique identity of its own) and scathingly raw new punk music is at the heart of new magazine, Lost And Found. Having released Issue Two earlier this month, the print publication has an old school zine style at the heart of its formatting and design, with illustrations and artwork a key running element to the magazine. The zine features artists along the lines of DAMEFRIS├śR, PVA, Hotel Lux, Fontaines D.C. and Average Life Complaints, to name but a few. What is so striking about the zine is the provoking artwork, instantaneously evocative of handmade 70s punk zines

PRAH Recordings

PRAH are one of the coolest record labels, this is just a fact, with a focus on contemporary classical and experimental music. They’ve worked with artists such as Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture, Pozi, Raven, uh, & Lung Dart, the label exploring genres the like of synth pop, wacky post punk, ambient electronic, and experimental indie. The label has an impressive eclectic mixture of artists, each one bringing a completely new and unique flavour of music to the label. What makes PRAH so exciting is that it is a left-field and diverse label, without being genre specific, thus keeping a fresh and eclectic feel to its releases

The Group Listening 12″ from PRAH Recordings

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