It’s All DIY is our monthly record label and magazine fair, running in-venue in our sister venue Cafe 1001. Just like our March edition, for April’s instalment we have chosen to bring It’s All DIY to you, with a virtual showcase of our current favourite labels and magazines

Our March edition featured So Young Magazine, Speedy Wunderground, Some Might Say Zine, Roadkill Records, Rough Trade East, and Flying Vinyl. You can read up on our top picks from March here, and we also recently had an in depth conversation with Craig Evans from Flying Vinyl, which you can read here

Hate Zine

Hate Zine is an independent DIY magazine, focused on social justice. The zine is themed, with each edition exploring different social issues through the mediums of art, journalism, music and photography. Hate encourages controversial and left field debate, acting as an outlet for angst and social frustration. Issues the zine tackles include climate change and the environment, politics, and social justice. Issue Six: The Death Issue is available for purchase. Alongside their magazines, the Hate store also has badges, exclusive shirts, and controversial posters on sale

Modern Sky UK

Modern Sky UK is a music entertainment and events company based in North England, with one of their many services being music distribution. They have a reputation for working with the best new artists, and are often a significant platform in many independent artists’ careers. Notable artists they have worked with include The Blinders, Calva Louise, Catholic Action, and Yousef

See You Mate Magazine

With its cheeky and quirky title evocative of the magazine’s artistic and journalistic style, See You Mate Magazine is a London based music and arts magazine, established in 2018. The artwork is one of the magazine’s most unique features, the illustration and collage based art reminiscent of old school DIY zines. The magazine also runs invigorating live events in South London at the famous Brixton Windmill, and See You Mate has previously worked with artists the like of Peeping Drexels, Legss, and PVA

Big Score Records

One of the most exciting labels for DIY bands is Big Score Records, who have previously put out releases by artists the like of Gently Tender, LICE, Dead Pretties, YOWL, Hotel Lux, and Pink Kink. The label releases their shoegaze indie and fuzzy psych rock tracks on various platforms, most notably their 7″ vinyl releases with stunning artwork. Artists working with Big Score Records have also been featured by So Young Magazine and Dork Magazine

Saxon Zine

Saxon Zine is another fabulous independent self-published zine, showcasing musicians and creatives who cover an eclectic variety of art and music. The zine has an impeccable knack for hard hitting and engaging journalism, with beautiful visual illustrations and photos to match. Saxon Zine also put on events, and have worked in the past with artists like Lumer, The Psychotic Monks, and Genn. The zine’s Instagram page is packed with exciting art and photography showcases, and at the moment they are shining a light online on some beautiful pieces. Saxon Volume Three is available to purchase on their website, alongside exclusive prints, shirts and tote bags

Dead Oceans Records

Our final highlight of It’s All DIY is Dead Oceans Records, an independent USA based label who release “bold and timeless” recordings. Since establishment in 2007, the label has released a variety of artists, such as Khruangbin, Leon Bridges, Better Oblivion Community Center, and Japanese Breakfast. Specialising with alternative and low-fi music, their roster of artists is wonderfully eclectic, the label supporting and pushing creativity and diversity through the music they choose to release