the idea are one of the most interesting brands we’ve worked with at Werkhaus. Their events are more so a concept, their musical focus revolving around events, mixes, music compilations, and festival reviews. The notion behind the idea is celebrating and showcasing the best new musical talents, focused on, yet not restricted to, Disco, Acid, Techno, and every sub-genre in between. Back in Feb, the idea ran their third birthday with us, with sets from Youandewan, Sugar Free, Benson Herbert and Solman, playing through ’til 6am. The venue was packed to full capacity, the event was a stunning showcase and testimony to the vision the idea hold.

We had an in-depth chat with the idea, to learn more about the brand, their events, and how the idea has developed over the last three years

the idea has an extremely unique focus on nightlife culture, through your discovery of musical talent and the events that you run. How was the concept for the idea born, and can you give us an insight into the type of events you put on?

I guess it stemmed from us both coming out of University having promoted, DJ’d and attended events at our respective Universities. Fred ran Drum & Bass events across Oxford, Manchester and Bristol, and Pablo regularly played in clubs across Leeds such as Beaverworks and Canal Mills.

When we started living together in London it felt like a natural progression to start putting on our own events.

We’ve never taken our events too seriously, always kept them relaxed and put the music first over everything, always trying to keep it versatile and not pigeon hole ourselves into one category. As a result we’ve attracted a friendly crowd who simply want to enjoy themselves and cut loose – it certainly takes a while to gain a following of any sort, especially in London where the events space is so condensed, we’re still reaching for that for sure even three years deep.

You recently ran your third birthday with us, which was a really fantastic night. Three years in, how has the idea developed over time, and what projects are you looking to work on in the future?

It’s been a very gradual, organic development; we don’t boast a lot of events per year maybe three or four max – mainly because it gives the events a chance to breathe, people can reflect on the vibe from them and it makes them more special for our crowd.

We’ve never been about big headliner names and always tried to harness UK talent somewhere throughout our line-ups.

We think a lot can be said for catching artists whilst they are in the spotlight, be it through our own research or pure luck i.e. they might have just released an album a few months before or play a blinding set at a big show or festival that gets some notability.

Looking ahead is obviously hard right now, we had an event scheduled for July which we’ve managed to work with the venue and artists to push back to September – so fingers crossed for that.

Then we’ll be back for our fourth birthday at Werkhaus in 2021 – expect fireworks for that one 😉

Which artists and creators are you currently taking inspiration from, and what tends to inspire the work that you do?

It’s so broad! We tend to usually come back from a festival or a gig having caught the warm up act or someone we’d never seen before and build from that. The festivals can be super random though from taking inspiration at Boom Festival in Portugal, which is predominantly a Psy-trance festival, to ADE, or to coming back from Sunwaves in Romania having had our minds sonically blown.

We couldn’t put a name on it that’s for sure.

One positive about these bizarre times is that a new sense of creativity is being installed in many people. How are you personally working through this lockdown period, and can you tell us some more about the mix series you’re currently running

We both work in music and events as our day job so it lends quite naturally to what we do with the idea.

The mix series we had set up before lockdown, so it only seemed natural to push it forward during lockdown – it’s a mix of friends and smaller artists we really respect. We’ve had some great ones on there from artists like Kepler, Thoma Bulwer & T.Jacques to name a few. We have some more in the pipeline but our focus has and always will be our events.

Lockdown has been a challenging time for everyone and will likely leave a lasting impact on the music industry – in all the negatives there will no doubt be positives that come out of it though – we’re sure of that

the idea have compiled an exclusive hour long live stream for us, go and indulge below:

the idea live stream x Werkhaus

Posted by the idea on Saturday, June 20, 2020


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