Brighton based two piece SNAYX are one of the most interesting new bands, taking the underground subculture scene by a storm. Featuring Charlie on vocals (and occasionally lead guitar) and Ollie on bass, the pair conjure up elements of punk, grunge and psych rock with their deafening bass lines and riffs. Influenced by a mix of eclectic artists and genres, SNAYX have recently signed to independent label Austerity Records. They played Werkhaus last year alongside Rascalton and SNASH, proving themselves as one of the most intriguing and energetic live bands.

We recently had a chat with the band, have a read below

Tell us a bit about SNAYX; what’s the story behind you as a band?

Ollie and I have been in and out of bands together for the past 8 years so we have a really great musical chemistry.

One day we met up for lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Seaford and realised we had only played 7 gigs that entire year… and for gig-hungry musicians like us, it just wasn’t acceptable. We realised that as a duo we could be far more productive and it would be much easier to manage just two schedules. A few days later, SNAYX was born – Inspired by The Amazing Snakeheads, and our love of reptiles and bad spelling.

Gigs aren’t currently a creative outlet for artists or venues, so what are you doing to keep creative at the minute? Are there any projects SNAYX are working on?

We’re still actively writing over video calls and planning the release of our debut EP. We’ve just finalised the record’s artwork and currently planning its official announcement to go out on our socials. Keep an eye out for lots of new information over the next few weeks!

You performed a fabulous set for us back in September. Can you explain the importance of grassroots venues like Werkhaus?

Thanks again for having us up to perform! Werkhaus really is an amazing venue and we can’t wait to return once things are back to normal. Without venues such as Werkhaus, we musicians would be left with far less opportunities and creative outlets. It’s also not just about us performers though, venues create safe and fun environments where people can come to socialise and enjoy music and culture. For many people like ourselves, live music is a huge part of who we are, so supporting live venues is essential.

What plans do you have once this lockdown period has ended?

After a much needed pint with our pals, we’ll be heading to the studio to finish off the last two tracks for our upcoming EP. So that’s definitely something to keep our spirits up and look forward to!

Snayx have curated the eighth playlist for us in our Isolation Tapes series, which you can listen to below:

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