Meet Laura ‘Peggy’ Pegler, one of the indie scene’s most known and loved DJs. She runs her own radio show, Peggy’s World, on Boogaloo Radio, running every Friday, 11am-1pm. Her show focuses on brand new bands, focusing on post punk and gritty psych rock, anything a bit left-field and scuzzy really. Alongside her radio show, Peggy also puts gigs on, and is currently on journalistic duties for QM Records. And as if she couldn’t get any better, she is one of the indie scene’s best DJs. Her sets spiral between eras and genres, with her funky post punk sound whimsically entwined with disco tracks and old school noughties hits. Peggy has played at Werkhaus countless times, and our best live nights always feature her spinning tunes in-between sets

We had a chat with Peggy about her love for new bands, how she got into music, and which artists she’s currently vibing with. She has also blessed our ears with a specially curated playlist, which you can listen to below

The work that you do in the DIY music industry really is a bit of everything. How did you initially get into the music industry, and can you tell us about your show on Boogaloo Radio?

I’ve always been an avid music fan, begging my parents throughout kidulthood to let me go and see, what I thought at the time, were the ‘hottest new indie bands in the big city’. In reality they were as edgy as the UK top 40 would allow to a somewhat disconnected northern villager. It was only through a chance stumble upon a Sofar Sounds living room gig in 2015 that I thought ‘I can do that’ in relation to the role of MC. Since then and through a series of random encounters with some awe-inspiring talented people, I’ve found myself working as a presenter, DJ and music promoter with a healthy obsession for new post-punk and new wave music. It’s this obsession which also forms the basis for my show on Boogaloo Radio, which aims to give you the weekly update on new releases whilst inviting upcoming artists into the studio for beers, chit chats and live sessions

One positive effect of these bizarre times is that a lot of people are finding comfort in art and creativity. How are you coping with this period, both personally and professionally, and are there any projects you’re currently working on?

Whilst on a personal level my regular DJ slots have been royally placed on hold, it has freed up a hell of a lot of time to start those projects that I never started, or admittedly was too hungover to do. Since lockdown, I’ve launched a weekly, new music interview blog ‘Peggy Chats with…’ on QM Records, aiming to ask bands the more in-depth questions which run the risk of being lost on radio. We’ve already chatted with the likes of Home Counties, DAMEFRISØR and Norman and I can’t wait to share the next few guests lined up. I’m also bouncing of the walls excited to start writing the weekly new music blog and featured articles for my favourite indie label, Permanent Creeps. And finally, because everyone’s got one – I’ve started a Spotify playlist page

We’ve had you DJ at Werkhaus multiple times; how do you keep each individual DJ set fresh and exciting, and what kind of events are your favourite to DJ at?

Firstly, thanks very much for having me! I would say Werkhaus is definitely one of my favourites as it’s a rare occurrence as a DJ to be able to play new music. Every venue usually demands a different style of music to keep the punters happy so that really helps when mixing up the sets. Paying attention to other DJ’s and background noise also goes a long way as you often hear flashes of inspiration. I’m a big fan of a local boozer, such as The Birds and The Finsbury, as you can play (to a degree) whatever genre you like – the 80’s new wave and 90’s Britpop definitely comes out. I also thoroughly enjoy playing weekend sets at my second home, The Boogaloo Pub, as the dance floor will undoubtedly be packed and you’re never short of friendly faces

What are the top five albums helping you through isolation?

Fiona Apple – Fetch The Bolt Cutters

Sorry – 925

Peach Pit – You and Your Friends

The Strokes – The New Abnormal


Peggy has curated a playlist for us, featuring an array of wicked new bands. Have a listen:

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