We first discovered GURU back in September when they supported Rascalton here at Werkhaus, and were blown away by the scatty raucous vigour they have on stage. Their tracks and live sets are packed with a sarcastic wit and wonderful vivacity, and they are one of the wackiest, most thrilling live acts on the scene at the moment. We had a quick chat with lead singer Tommy, who has also curated a playlist for us of the top tracks GURU are vibing with currently

How’s isolation treating you at the minute, and is it helping with your creativity and songwriting?

Isolation? What! What’s going on? We’re out of the world cup? We jest. Ferg wrote something today as it goes. We’ve actually just taken this first week of isolation off. A little mini-holiday. Time to relax and fight off the big CV-19 with some left, right goodnight. We’ve been cooking a lot, I suppose that’s where the inspiration is going

You last played Werkhaus in September, how was that gig for you, and can you explain the importance to GURU as a band of independent grassroots venues?

September? Were we still in the world cup then? Blessed was the sound engineer that night, for replacing the murdered bass drum skin. I mean seriously he conjoured that up out of no where. Grassroots venues are very important to us, not only as they live and breathe fresh ideas and genuine performance, but they also enable aspiring musicians, performers & all kinds of burgeoning artists to get a foot in the door. Where would we all be without a foot in the door?

When all this is over, what plans do you guys have for shows and releases?

Our shows are very up in the air at the moment, as I’m sure a lot of shows are. When this has all blown over we want to hit the ground running. As for releases, we have an EP ready to go, just waiting for the right moment to swing that one out there

GURU have curated a select playlist for us as part of our isolation tapes series, featuring the likes of Talking Heads, Morrissey, Annie Lenox, and Serge Gainsbourg. Find it here:

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