Werkhaus | 85 Brick Lane

85 Brick Lane

Werkhaus presents: Sweat with Finn Johannsen - Werkhaus | 85 Brick Lane

London nightclub. Live music, DJs and performance.

Fri 30 September
Werkhaus presents: Sweat with Finn Johannsen

Werkhaus presents Sweat, a new club night focused on hedonism, freedom and expression on the dance floor, striving to be a space for like minded individuals to enjoy dance music without judgement. Sweat is all about that feeling of vibrancy and ecstacy, capturing that rare moment on the dance floor.

Forget big headliners, extortionate door prices and crappy drinks, Sweat’s core focus is in the shared feeling of losing yourself in the rave, surrounded by like minded people. We want to take clubbing culture back to its roots and remind people of what clubs used to be about. It’s a social experiment creating a shared experience for everyone involved, akin to a members club.

All tickets at a fiver only, no phones allowed – Sweat is purely about the experience. The rules are simple …No phones. Respect and look after your fellow ravers. “Dress 2 Sweat” or don’t dress at all… we won’t care.

We strive to be a party & space where our crew feels comfortable and safe, free of judgments. Tickets do not 100% guarantee entrance. We still reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who might jeopardise the special atmosphere which Sweat is creating and the safety or enjoyment of our guests. This includes people whose behaviour & attitude would have a negative impact on our ethos.

We operate a venue free from judgement, discrimination, harassment or hate.